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2015 T-Shirt Contest
Clan Mackay USA is sponsoring a design contest for our new annual t-shirt. This years shirt will be available in June. For 2016 the contest will start in October with the shirt being available sometime in January. That means the time is short and we need to get moving. We will accept designs starting May 15st thru May 30th, 2015. Artwork submited can be hi-res jpg, but final image should be scalable to shirt size. (vecter graphic)
The shirt will have the Clan Crest on the front with the graphic on the back. Because of time, we need to know if you would order a shirt with long sleeves or short sleeves. Consider this shirt will be worn all year and there are more cooler months than warm. I perfer a long sleeve all year. Please email me at The color of the t-shirt will be decided by the winning design, so take that into consideration when designing the your graphic. (please consider a color and not black)
When considering your design, please do some research on Clan Mackay and consider such items as flags, battles, white banner of Mackay, our tartans, our symbols, thistles, Coos, symbols of Mackay and so on. This year judging will be done by the executive board and three members at large. Judging will be blind meaning no judge will know the identity of the artist.
The contest is open to anyone who wishes to submit a design. Clan Mackay will need to have an exclusive copyright for use. For the winning design the artist will recieve a 5 year membership in Clan Mackay. The artist's name will appear on the t-shirt.
Please bear with us during this first go round. Rules and considerations will be reviewed and refined for the 2016 edition. Let's pull together and get the first annual shirt out. This year, the t-shirt will be limited, special ordered in advance. Next year we hope to have a longer availablility.
Submit arkwork to; or any suggestions, please email me,

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