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Clan Mackay USA Ancestral Project


Clan Mackay USA has an ongoing project designed to help members discover more about their Mackay ancestry. The project involves members sending in one or more six generation pedigree charts (depending on how much information they already possess) to me for inclusion in the Clan Mackay Ancestral master data base. This program allows me to input all the genealogical data from members and then to compare all of the data for similarities and common ancestral relationships. I have found that many of the Clan Mackay USA  members are related to each other but do not realize or have any knowledge of the relationship. Since some members have data going back many generations, and if there is a common ancestry with a member or members who do not have much family history information, I have been able to find the common ancestry and provide ancestral data to those who do not have it. I also do some other research to see what I can find.

If I can determine any ancestral information for a member who knows little about his or her Mackay ancestors, I have fulfilled the purpose of the project.

The success of the project is directly related on how much raw data I can input into the master data base with which to  make the comparisons. The more data I have, the greater the chance I can find some common family history information. I can never guarantee anything of course, but so far I have been successful on several occasions, and in one case took the member from herself back to about 1005AD on her Mackay lines. I am asking that each current member who has not submitted a pedigree chart(s) to me to please do so to help to make the project a success.

Ken Bain, National Seanachaidh
Clan Mackay USA

Ancestral Project Pedigree Chart
Print, then mail your charts to:
Kenneth Bain
7395 N. Benedict
Fresno, CA 93711-02121

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