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Marion Mackay Wellwood

We have been notified by Clan Mackay Society, Scotland of the death of Marion

Mackay Wellwood. Marion was the wife of the late James Wellwood of Edinburgh and Lairg, Scotland.  She was the cousin of the late Charlie Mackay; both were very active in Clan Mackay Society of Scotland. Several of us from the United States met Marion at the 200th Anniversary of Clan Mackay Scotland in July 2006.

Her chatty, always pleasant, personality will be sadly missed by her friends in the Clan Mackay Society of Scotland, as well as here in the United States, and Canada.

The Executive Board of the Clan Mackay Society, USA, and her many friends in the United States extend our condolences to her children, Alasdair and Marion, and her grandchildren, Christopher and Lucy, and to the Scotland Society.


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